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"Our responsibility as young people is to positively impact the present and the future of our communities and that all begins with us right now."

Yannick Tona is a youth advocate, former Aegis Trust Youth Ambassador, former Australian Youth ambassador for Harmony and current CEO of Global Institute for Youth. Yannick is actively involved in issues of national and global concern regarding Youth.
A survivor of the Rwandan genocide Since his horrific experience during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, he has been also an advocate for raising awareness and action against genocide, and discrimination.

He believes that Governments, Civil society and International or National NGOs should invest in young people as they are the future leaders of our countries.
Yannick is former Head of Children’s right Department in Peace and Love Proclaimers, Youth Programmes Coordinater at Centre Marembo/RYCO , Aegis Students International Programme office, Discover Rwanda Coordinater and a Aegis Youth Ambassador.

Yannick Tona has been a Key Speaker and participant in many conferences around the world, inspiring young people to make a difference.
He has spoken to more than 17000 youth and educators within Australia, Canada, USA, Rwanda & others and been featured in a variety of local & international media like BBC.
In 2010 Yannick was awarded the White Rose Award by Aegis Students. In March 2010 Yannick was named as Youth Ambassador for Harmony in Australia.

University of Queensland, Hervey Bay Christian Academy, Anglican college

Carleton University, Ryerson University, University of British Columbia, St John University

Texas Christian University, University of Southern California

Lewis and Clark College, Worcester State University, University of Hartford, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Clark University

USC Shoah Foundation, Houston Holocaust Museum, Center for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education at Brookdale Community College

Houston Holocaust Museum, AIPAC policy conference

Yannick Tona
Yannick Tona
Yannick Tona
Yannick Tona
Yannick Tona
Yannick Tona
Yannick Tona

“Yannick is phenomenal. His ability to both clearly articulate, while connecting with his audience, makes him a gem of speaker. Students will walk away, not only with a greater understanding of the Rwandan genocide and its consequences, but also a human face to what happens when people choose to discriminate and hate.”

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